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How To Access Avery Files For Private Printing

As a label and designer and content creator for small businesses on a budget, I find Avery's label template platform a great site to host and sometimes print labels at the highest quality. Avery is one of the most common blank label distributor, which can be found in many office supplies, discount, printing & shipping stores across the nation. Even the generic brands like Office Depot Labels, Staples Labels, and Pen & Gear versions all make their labels suited to Avery's layout. With that being said there are options where you can get high-quality print labels at a cheaper rate. First, we have to retrieve your graphic art in a printable version suited to the label template you will be printing on.

How to retrieve your Avery label template in a printable pdf

Once you logged in to your Avery account (at hover your mouse icon over "My Account" on the top right section of the website then select "Projects". There you would see a listing of your uploaded projects (if done by us. If your product labels were not done by us, create your account and upload your images to Avery's template that fits the size of your product label).

Each product listed will have the label dimensions as well as the template number. You can use this info to find the right label sheets for you to print them on.

Download your file in the Avery label template for home printing or for print at a printing store.

Once you fond the template in Avery you want to print click on that image. Then select "Print" then "pdf. "

You can now save the template to your computer. You can also print this file from home or you can send the saved file via email to the printing store.

Things to consider when printing

If your printing from home and you use an inkjet printer I highly recommend that you purchase glossy paper. The glossy paper may cost a little bit more but you'll have a more professional finish. If you are sending it to a printing store you can use a lower quality matte finish paper. Most chain printing store uses high-quality printers that will give you a nice professional finish on your label just make sure the blank labels are appropriate to the machine they are using. Don't worry it's not too complicated. You can call the station and ask what type of labels they can print your design on. There are only two types of paper inkjet or laser. 9 time out of 10 the big chain store will require "laser printing paper"

Also, Keep in mind that some labels are more commonly found in stores than others. For the hard to find one you can put the template number in Avery and purchase the blank sheets from them or you may want to have them printed on a 8.5 by 11 sticky label paper then cut them by hand on a cutting apparatus. Most printing stores have one available for public use free of charge or you can purchase one to use at home. I like Fiskars SureCut.

Applying these principles will get you the professional-looking label print out your desire but at a fraction of the cost. We hope you find this helpful as you grow and scale your business. First impressions are lasting ones. You want to make use of your label is most appealing and represents your company well. It can be the difference in your profit margine.

If you would like a free review of your product labeling please call us at 347.645.7906. For a sample of our work visit:

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