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Cheap Budget-Friendly Tips When Recording Your Video

Get A Tripod

Tripods will ensure that your recordings are steady and are a pretty inexpensive tool to keep you in frame right. You can find one at your local Best Buy store for as low as $30. Phone mounts for the tripods are also available as well.

If Possible Record In The Day

Recording in the day whether by the window(s) or outside is one of the cheapest ways to ensure you (and your background) are well-lit on your recordings. Just make sure to position yourself well and to do a test recording /picture to review before you start your real recording.

By The Window

When positioned well you can eliminate or reduce the number of light sources you would have to use in your video. Just make sure your background is clean and to your liking. You want no regrets when looking at the replay.

When Recording Outside

Choose an early time. The earlier the better (or at least say away from rush hour if possible). Depending on the season you will find that you may have a couple of hours to record and rerecord with little to no interruption.

Be mindful of where the sun hits. Don't position your self where the sun is forcing you to squint or where the sun is behind

you and your whole font is dark or is washed out by the light. You can use a white box, sheet or reflector to bounce light onto your face softly redirect the light if need be.

  1. Outside of time a day you can also use public areas that may not have to much background noise like a local or state park.

When You Can't Go Outside Or Record At Home Rent!

If you don't like your home set up and nature is not going to cut it, there are quite a few rental spaces that you may find suit the need of a nice background for your next video. They are:

  • Library: Some libraries now have rooms to do podcasts and recordings

  • Share spaces: In the city depending on where you are located, you can find quite a few share spaces that you can use that rent by the month, week, and even hour.

  • Airbnb: You can find a lot of bed and breakfast near you with some pretty stunning setups. Some with high-scale kitchens for you to demonstrate your culinary arts, modern gathering spaces with quirky details, to retro bead rooms that will have your viewers feeling like your having a heart to heart from your bedroom to theirs.

Be Mindful, Be Yourself

Meet the eye candy and vernacular standards to convince your potential audience that what you're presenting to. While keeping that in mind please be yourself. There is only one you in the world, don't rob the world of that. This is your moment. Your global audience awaits. Also, keep in mind:

  1. If your reading from a teleprompter please keep it as close to the camera as possible (it will reduce viewers seeing your eyes go back and forth)

  2. For those who don't use teleprompters or PowerPoint presentations. Outline but be flexible enough to be unscripted if need be. We've seen many times a client get worked up trying to relay their message verbatim as they wrote it. If that's you. Let loose and express yourself naturally. Have your outline and your key points you want to express memorize. You may find this method of presenting less stress full for you.


Don't quit recording! Just adjust and hit harder.

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