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Learn How To Grow Your Talent From An Idea To A Six Figure Business 

Let's Start Monetizing Your Business

Learn what it takes to start a business and how to grow it with these Marketing, Business Tools, & Techniques!

In this course you will learn: 

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Aesthetic

  • Tools Tips & Tricks On Marketing

  • Free and Paid Marketing Tools To Sell Your Product/Service

  • How to find your target market

  • How to legalize your business

  • How to calculate your product cost to ensure your maximizing on profit

  • How to determine your Product Selling Cost. 

  • Cheap & effective ways to bring in sales and manage your business records

About The Instructors 


Ann Marie

Registered Nurse & license cosmetologist, Ann Marie, created a natural hair care company in 2017, after 7 years of remedying her battle of alopecia naturally. Within those years of creating her natural hair care product line (SNLOrganics) she studied and mastered the art of branding and marketing which helped her to grow her business from making supplemental income to making six figures a year! 

I've learnt through the grace of God, that with proper strategy and marketing, every individual can succeed in growing their business and creating a sustainable living for your family and YOU. It just takes diligence and the proper know how to grow your company or ministry.

Product Devolvement l Brand Strategist l Social Media Marketing



After obtaining degrees in computer science and accounting, Naquan nurtured his passion for helping small businesses and non-profit organizations grow. Through his 13 years  as a accountant, he also spent his time in graphic arts and media helping churches advance the gospel through means of modern communication! As the organizations he served grew, the demands of work helped him create a media company that  scaled his business service to a six figure company. When Ann shared her business idea with her husband, he utilized his 13+ years of experience to create her website, social media set up and content, business strategy, and cost effective ways to manage and grow her business. 

With the help of God I've learnt that with the proper use of simple cost effective technology, you can create eye catching content that will make your product /service be more visible and can bring you in enough income to change your family tree. 

Web Devolvement l Graphic Design l Video Editing l Accounting


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Together We have Grown Our Home Based Business into a Six Figure Industry! Let Us Show You How To Grow Yours!

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