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Reference 1:
e-Commerce: S&L Organics

Since 2007 S&L Organics founder have been making holistic hair-care products that have help women in Brooklyn NY grow healthy, vibrant, long hair. She had a dream of going national but needed some help to get there. In 2017 we've been able to make that a reality by constructing a beautiful eCommerce website and social media page.


Reference 2: Artisnal Queens

Critically acclaimed journalist and editor Tania Padget have been wanting to take her entrepreneurial spirit to skincare and wholistic market. With a wide range of soaps, ready to hit the market we were happy to develop her website and conduct her product photoshoot for a stunning
e-commerce and  media marketing campaign

Artisnal Queens 

Reference 3:
Church: Waterbury Seventh Day Adventist 

This Waterbury Connecticut soul winning based ministry has great desire to meet new heights but needed a little help to get there. We were delighted to do minor PA. training, video editing, social and web development for this Seventh Day Adventist Church.  

Welcome To:



Over 20Yrs of Preaching, Teaching & Human Service

Reference 4:
Non- Profit: Fort Greene Council Inc

Fort Greene Council Inc. have is one of the largest African American organization providing senior center services in NYC. Established in 1973 FGC has been keen on serving greater Brooklyn through senior, after school and a daycare center. As they continue to evolve and strive to grow they wanted a website that would be relevant and show the diversity of their subsidiary programs.

Reference 5:
e-Commerce: Lily Lee Fashion 

Lily Lee has been providing elegant custom made dainty women's clothing since 1982. Over the years she has sold thousands of garments nationwide but found her website to be cumbersome, hard to navigate, and a challenge to add content. That's where we stepped in with a complete website renovation and tutorial on how to build her brand using her mobile device. 

Lily Lee Fashion 

Website Development 


Since 2008 we have been making stellar websites that promotes products, brought awareness to organizations cause, celebrating special events and much much more. We strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing technological environment. Partnering with TS not only gets your content on the world wide web, but will be in an alluring site that will amaze. 


Web maintainance package are available for more info contact us. 
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